Thinking about how to maximize the control at the concierge?

We offer solutions that increase safety, speed up clearance, and provide an immediate overview of the situation on the site.

Modular solutions fully meet all customer needs. The system controls all necessary sensors, generates control signals for peripheral control, evaluates and stores the scanned data immediately.

To maximize the customer's needs, we use our sophisticated control system with intuitive control and user-friendly environment. Just like the world's leading manufacturers.

The result is a solution exactly to the needs and requirements of the customer. Including graphic design that is designed to fit the actual conveyor layout of a particular gatehouse.

NEW we also offer our customers a communication module with Alibi weigh-in terminals.

Main advantages of the Vrátnice application:

  •     A high degree of automation of processing all events at a corporate concierge provides significant comfort and reduced personnel costs.
  •     All activities are provably recorded in the SQL database.
  •     Each passage of the vehicle is recorded, including the SPZ / SS and the view camera.
  •     Vehicles with the "resident" right have a free passage immediately after capturing the license plate / pass mark (green on the traffic light), the record is saved automatically.
  •     All major events are accompanied by an acoustic sign, so the reception can be "listened". Sounds are customizable.
  •     The barcode data (delivery note number, visitor number, ...) can be read via an on-line reader directly on the form.
  •     Two-way communication with weighing terminal.

TABLET mobile workspace

Is that so? One worker runs around the gatehouse of the premises and calls the data through an open window to another worker.

With our tablet in hand, staff work is really fast, accurate and efficient. The concierge service can check, photograph and dispatch vehicles throughout the outside area of ​​the gatehouse. At the same time, other elements such as barriers, traffic lights, or weighing bodies are controlled.

Our tablet applications can be a cheaper version of a gatehouse solution without the need to install LPR cameras or as a comfortable superstructure of the Automatic Gatehouse system.

KIOSK external workspace

Kiosek is a robust outdoor pre-registration element serving as a solution to overcrowded areas or for self-handling at unguaranteed lodgings.

Our application fully controls peripherals at the kiosk (cameras, barriers, traffic lights) and is part of the Automatic Gatehouse logic. Kiosek prevents clogging of the area's associated communications. The driver registers with intuitive and simple operation and waits for the gatekeeper's command to enter the area.

The kiosk's functionality can be expanded, for example, by a thermal printer or a card reader.


Visiting paper papers are really archaic in today's technological possibilities. Manual registration is considerably slower and in addition there are errors and inaccuracies when writing data.

Our solution will allow you to register a visitor, conference participant, or customer within seconds. We currently recognize over 2,500 types of documents from all over the world.

Our application automatically recognizes the type of the inserted document (OP, passport, driving license, etc.). Reads required fields including diacritics and academic titles. Verifies the authenticity of the document. Prints a visitor card or assigns an RFID chip card. Displays any information about the person you are visiting (company employees).

The Visits Apps application provides an instant overview of people in the campus, recording expected visits, statistics for the needs of government offices, and as an extension module key logging. It is also very easy to connect with our Automatic Gatehouse solution to get a complete picture of what's happening on the premises.


We have developed a set of industrial applications that are designed for wood processors to more efficiently handle, monitor and evaluate the state of raw material and finished products. The main automation element is the barcode.

We recommend the use of high-quality plastic labels from organic material for the marking of logs, a product of the Austrian company Latschbacher.

Our software applications are specially focused on the handling of logs and logs.

Data capture is solved throughout the plant area by programs installed in mobile terminals. Other applications are already solved as classic desk-top programs. All data outputs are routed to the enterprise information system.

WoodStock - Applications for mobile terminals. It contains all the features necessary to receive logs into the warehouse, while supporting the execution of both regular and extraordinary inventories of logs.

Timber - Applications for mobile terminals allow all necessary operations with both bevelled and untrimmed wood. There are prepared documents for the sale of the entire games, their parts or even separate pieces.

Deinterleaver - The PC application supports the process control of round logs. It allows to track the passage of each strain by the line, removing the measured dimensions from the measuring technology and storing them in the warehouse. Tracking the round log through the gradient line is supported by two industry cameras by default.

Log Cutting - PC application is designed for on-line control of cropped log records on the file. The main benefit of this application is the active generation of backlogs for logs. This makes it possible to keep logs in the current state as well as track the progress of the cut, the power of the saw and all this with maximum automation of the processes.

With the web interface, company managers are provided with each minute updated file performance information.