Automation of operation of DHL Logistics (Slovakia), spol. s.r.o. – Galanta

A completely unique solution was created according to the requirements of DHL, where not only do we provide records of the operation of the 4 lanes gatehouse, but also a completely new application was developed for the registration of truck seals for customs and shipping needs. In addition, all operations are covered by a central data management connected to the corporate system.

Gatehouse with scales for KRONOSPAN CR, spol. s. r. o. - Jihlava

Kronospan's entry-level solutions are a unique solution tailored to the needs of the customer. The gatehouse application controls 2 entrances on a total of 5 lanes, 3 weighing bodies and 10 LPR cameras. At the same time, we organize the entry of vehicles into the premises of the company with the help of a pre-registration kiosk, which prevents over-loading of the premises by trucks.

Gatehouses of Iveco Czech Republic, a. s. - Vysoké Mýto

In cooperation with the Securitas Czech Republic Security Service, we provide continuous supervision of 5 Iveco gateways. The operator has not only a high-end camera system, but also tablets. These vehicles are handled outside the gatehouse, while checking the bedding of vehicles. Iveco has several scenarios of passages corresponding to the CNH industrial concern reporting.

Gatehouses and visitors evidence for BOSCH DIESEL, s. r. o. - Jihlava

From 2012, we will gradually automate all reception rooms and reception areas of Bosch Diesel in Jihlava. It is a comprehensive solution for registration of visitors, personal and truck vehicles, including connections to the in-house system.

Industrial parks Prologis Inc. - Senec, Slovensko

Using our technology, we provide the function of a gatehouse in 4 industrial parks in Senec. The concierge service handles only vehicles that are not in the VIP list and assigns the target company to which they are going. At the exit, these vehicles check their bedding. Since 2013, we have automated over 12 concierge offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for Prologis.

LESS & TIMBER, a.s. - Čáslav

For LESS & TIMBER, a.s. we have since 2008 gradually automated the logging process, warehousing inventory and, last but not least, a conveyor with a cargo weight.

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